The Program, LLC is a fully service film production company as well as the home of director Joe Puma. Started in 2008, Joe Puma has assisted in creatively bringing to life the visions of legendary artists like Juelz Santana, Freck Billionaire, EPMD and Lil Cease. Through-out the years Joe Puma's consistency and drive has rewarded him the oppertunity to work with major artists like Red Cafe, Fabolous, Fetty Wap, French Montana, Trey Songz, Jadakiss and more. Puma's has also been on the forefront of directed videos for up and coming independent artists like Dave East, Jon Connor and Tory Ave. 


The past two decades have ushered in an era of visualizations and dimensions previously explored only by Hype Williams, Director X, and a few others. With a rise in independent artists with limited resources, timing and budgeting is key – the ability to master a skill and outfitting it to each project is the goal. Puma clearly sees the place for power and refinement and is ready to focus his time and energy on creating classic and timeless videos for a worldwide audience. Puma is among the new wave of directors that has done it all. It only gets better. Get with The Program!

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